Sunday, January 21, 2018

Distro update January 2018

New titles available from the mighty ETERNAL DARKNESS CREATIONS......

DEVOURED CHRIST / NECRO DISSEMINATOR - "Dark Bunker Sessions" // "Jesus In Hell/Black Antichrist" split tape 2017. Raw black death metal hell!

MUTILATED SOULS - "Burning Death Rehearsal 1986" tape 2017. Obscure death/thrash, long lost raw instrumental rehearsal. Comes with booklet detailing the history of the short-lived, ill-fated band.

PAGANFIRE - "Wreaking Fear & Death" tape  2014. Filipino death/thrash that should need no introduction!

tapes available for $6 + shipping (USA shipping is $3.50 for 1-3 tapes)
contact to order : submersiveproductions[at]

check the Submersive discogs page for tons of new & second hand noise, metal & more!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Update - Autumn 2016

Two new C60 cassettes are now available:

HAND AND KNEE AND UNDERGROWTH - "Aggressive Industrial Agriculture"
Collaborative cultivation from 2015. Disintegrated electronics, degraded field recordings and destroyed rhythms. Intensive farming for the coming economic collapse.
Comes in painted envelope with glued cover and 2 color inserts. $5

CHRISTIAN FEUDAL - "Firstborn Overture"
Obscure side project of Cordwainer/Undergrowth from Great Britain. Ritualistic harsh noise, ominous drone processions & Trinitarian dogma in the industrial age.
Comes in envelope with glued cover & b/w insert. $5

shipping for one or both tapes = $3 (U.S. only)

email to order -

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Noiseletter - Spring MMXVI


Desolate ambient noise.  2 years of field recordings layered together. A lack of contrast between abandoned buildings and crowded houses. Some household objects decay over time, others you can never escape from.
Cassette housed in 8x5" envelope with glued covers and color insert.  
3 tracks streaming -

Barrage of low-fidelity distortion and feedback, churning deep within the rotting digestive tract, complete with flashbacks of the mammal's past life.
Cassette housed in "cassingle" style cardstock slipcase.
[Currently only exists in analog format, samples unavailable.]

Blown-out, unhinged noise metal complete with demented guitar solos and buried shrieks. 7 research chemicals extracted from an excavated corpse.
Cassette housed in 8x5" envelope with glued cover and color insert.
Full album streaming -
All tapes are $4, with $3 shipping flat rate in the U.S. // email -

Saturday, October 10, 2015

REHAB IN TEXAS: Addicts of Drugs Not Yet Synthesized

8 hallucinations of raw damaged noise rock instrumentals with desolate industrial noise interludes.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3 new releases

HAND AND KNEE: "Contraction"
Channeling the negativity of adolescence under a menstrual moon. 
CDR comes with cassette containing 20 minutes of additional material wrapped in twine inside a painted envelope.
full album streaming at

CORDWAINER: "22B [Lunar Downlink; Unidentified]"
Dense crumbling distorted synth textures and piercing feedback screeches fall in and out of consciousness as satellites erode in the distance. 15 transmissions from a dying solar system. 
C60 tape comes in A5 envelope with 2 semi-gloss photo prints inside and 2 matte covers glued.

Cordwainer is a project from Nature In Mimicry based in Great Britain, which also spawned Undergrowth and Supplementary Power Frenzy. Their home base:

7 pieces of blasting layered harsh noise. Chaotic feedback, blown-out static and damaged sound pummeled against rocks in the river water.

C60 comes with double sided insert in painted envelope. Split release with Pennsylvanian Hypnocenter.

Excerpts from these releases and more can be heard at:

email to order -