To order, email with a list of what you want, your method of payment and your address. You'll receive a reply with the total cost.
Paypal or money order (payable to John Grimaldi) accepted.
Shipping 1-3 tapes in the USA = 3.50. For 4 or more tapes, shipping = $5.00

Cassette albums:

60 min. Compilation of assorted crudities feat. Hand & Knee, Obscenity Task Force, Compliance, Skag Arcade, Frustration Builder (See Through Buildings), Model For Assembl, Allan Zane & more.
Comes in A5 envelope w/ 3 color inserts.

NEW HAND & KNEE / SONIC DISORDER - "The Missing Pieces" $7
Split C90 in white A5 envelope w/ 2 color inserts.

Hand and Knee + Undergrowth - "Aggressive Industrial Agriculture" $6
Collaborative cultivation for the coming economic collapse. Comes in painted envelope w/ inserts.

Christian Feudal - "Firstborn Overture" $6
Obscure side project of Cordwainer. Ritual noise & Trinitarian dogma in the industrial age.

Hand and Knee - Sheltering $6
Desolate layered field recordings and quiet noise. C60 in 8x5 envelope with glued artwork and insert.

Rehab in Texas - Addicts of Drugs Not Yet Synthesized $6
8 hallucinations of raw damaged noise rock instrumentals with desolate industrial noise interludes. Cassette version in oversized envelope w/ hand glued artwork.

Hand and Knee - Contraction C90 $7
From 2015, 4th full length.  80 minutes of atmospheric and harsh noise with buried melodies. Reissued on c90 cassette, wrapped in twine inside painted A5 envelope.

Rehab In Texas - Self Titled $5
2015 Reissue of this mentally disturbed noise metal release. C60 in 8x5 envelope with glued artwork and insert.

Maggot - Lifeless $5
2016. Maggot hails from Oregon and provides bleak, churning, distorted noise with tape loops and subtle movements. C60 in cardstock slipcase.

Cordwainer - 22B [Lunar Downlink; Unidentified] $6
2015. C60. Harsh lunar death noise. New project of Nature In Mimicry / Undergrowth etc. hailing from Great Britain.

Obscenity Task Force - Self Titled $5
Power electronics and lo-fi noise obsessed with corruption, deviance, punishment, and the law.

Stalagmite Repression - Cave Drawings $6
2015. C60 collecting the first SR recordings. Blasting layered harsh noise. Henry Mallard & J Grimaldi. J-Card and tape come in painted #10 size envelope.

Various Antennae - Plumigera $6
2015. 11 tracks from Undergrowth, Hand And Knee, Secular Identity, Aqua-Eroticum, Stalagmite Repression and more.

Various Appendages - Maracrum $6
Compilation of droning industrial & harsh noise featuring Hand and Knee, Undergrowth, Stalagmite Repression, Valley Giant and more.

Compliance - "Following Orders" - $5
38 minutes of chaotic harsh noise, tape manipulation, cut-ups and destroyed sound, demonstrating supreme authority.

Thorned - Worlds of the Past $6
2014 full length. Black metal destruction. cassette comes in handmade packaging.

Hand and Knee - "Permanent Amnesia" - $5
2013. Harsh noise and uneasy sounds influenced by severe dementia and memory loss.